the collection

In THE WOMB of the forest she whispered ENLIGHTEN ME. The ENCHANTMENT of 

BRIGHT LIGHTS-BIG CITY has materialized into a love/hate PARALLEL. 


She felt as though her life was now a BALANCING ACT which was creating anxiety and resentment within. 

Longing to be free from those negative attachments, she explored BEYOND her consciousness for answers.


When unexpectedly, she felt a HARMONIOUS vibration. A divine voice announced 

LIGHT IT UP and GLOW. Quite like a MYSTIC occurrence she sensed a TRANSFORMATION.

Her ETERNAL FLAME within was warm and radiating once again.


Now desiring to SOAR to LIBERATE to CULTIVATE her new found

wisdom and serenity. Asking herself is this a RITE OF PASSAGE?

She proceeded towards a CROSSROADS.

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